Medical VR Companies that are Making Strides in the Medical Field 

February 13, 2018
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Medical VR Companies

The world of medical virtual reality offers endless possibilities. Doctors can use this type of treatment to help patients suffering from limited mobility, chronic pain, and a wide range of behavioral and mental conditions, and all without lifting a finger. Med students can use this type of technology to better prepare for real-life surgeries with the ability to closely explore the human body.

Considered one of the most promising technologies in the medical field, medical VR companies have estimated that virtual reality software and hardware could be worth more than twenty billion in the next three years. Sales of the best VR headsets are also projected to skyrocket within the next two to three years, with more than four million sold by 2024.

There are currently over six hundred VR start-ups, each with an estimated value of four million dollars, with numbers continuing to grow.

Top Virtual Reality Companies in the Medical Field

Psious is a behavioral health virtual reality technology company that’s leading the industry in innovative software programs that focus on unique treatment methods for patients suffering from certain types of psychological conditions including a fear of animals, needles, public speaking, or flying. Under the supervision of a physician, patients are placed in a variety of situations they find fearful. The goal is for the patient to face their fears, letting go of them gradually, with the help of virtual reality technology.

Virtually Better

This company develops evidence-based virtual reality environments designed to help patients who suffer from phobias.  They offer virtual reality exposure therapy tools to people with specific phobias, or those suffering from anxiety, and PTSD. This type of technology allows physicians to circumvent a number of challenges that are commonly associated with other kinds of exposure therapy. Basically, they’re able to treat many areas that most doctors lacked the resources to.

Firsthand Technology

This company conducted a study that shows virtual reality reduces the amount of time a patient focuses on pain by almost fifty percent. The same study showed that narcotics for pain management only reduced a patient’s focus on pain by ten percent. This company, based in San Francisco, has been the main part of a research team that has established the field of virtual reality pain control.  They have also helped to design and develop the popular Snow World medical VR app. This company offers practical and affordable virtual reality kits, which includes the Cool and Glow software. These kits are commonly found in hospital settings, but are also available for home use as well.

Immersive Touch

IT offers the latest in VR technology for med student use. Of course, surgeons need constant practice and preparation considering even the smallest mistake can cost a patient their life. But until recently, it wasn’t always easy for med students and doctors to practice their profession before a surgery. This company has produced a virtual reality imaging platform that allows the med student or surgeon to experience, feel, and see surgical pathways, allowing them to improve surgical precision.

During preparation for surgery, the surgeon can upload a patient’s MRI or CT scan onto the program’s cloud, which is then reconstructed into 3D virtual reality. Next, the surgeon can teach or rehearse different types of surgeries or become familiar with each and every patient since this platform is able to replicate the feel and touch of a specific patient’s anatomy.

Medical Realities

In 2015, the company Medical Realities announced the release of their first product called Virtual Surgeon, in the hopes of kickstarting a new training model that could be used as a future training tool for med students.

In April of 2016, a surgeon by the name of Shafi Ahmed performed an operation using a VR camera. Everyone could follow the procedure in real time, thanks to the two three hundred and sixty-degree cameras that showed how the surgeon removed cancerous tissues.

Osso Virtual Reality

This is a new start-up that’s working on using VR technology in the field of orthopedic surgery, while also trying to improve the process of surgical training. Their technology allows students to simulate placing and assembling a tibial nail. The user will use the Oculus Rift VR Headset to display a virtual operating room, using a couple of controllers that will track real-life hand movements, using haptic feedback to respond to these movements. The program provides the feeling of placing and assembling the nail.


Based in Switzerland, VirtaMed is a company that’s been around for over a decade. They produce and develop surgical simulators designed specifically for medical training purposes. A surgeon will use an instrument to train in this controlled and safe environment before they perform a surgery on a real patient. In fact, since 2012, every surgeon with the hopes of specializing in orthopedic surgery in Switzerland is required to pass an exam using this simulated program.


This is a VR manufacturing company that’s based in California. This company creates mixed reality systems that feature a combination of augmented reality and virtual reality and they’re used to improve education quality in a wide variety of areas. Their app store offers an extensive selection of educational virtual reality tools that focus on human anatomy and physics. They also have apps in STEM education, mathematics, engineering, and science.

Fitness and Physical Therapy Virtual Reality

A program widely used in the occupational therapy and physical therapy world was produced by VirZoom. The program is called Magic Bike and it features virtual reality games designed for active motion control. In this game, leaning and pedaling will propel the user through a variety of battlegrounds, race tracks, and obstacle courses in the form of a cyclist, tank commander or driver. This program can help patients with poor gross motor function, or those who are experiencing limited mobility due to an injury or surgery to focus on improvement, proper form, and mobility goals. This game is very motivating and is even starting to make appearances in local gyms and physical therapy centers.

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