Best VR Games for Adults on Every Platform- The Guide You Have Been Looking For (2018 Edition)

January 17, 2018
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Best VR GamesVirtual reality gaming is what’s hot right now and fortunately, it’s also much more affordable than it was just a few years ago. VR involves a type of artificial environment created with software that’s used in conjunction with a headset. VR games can be played via a smartphone, game console, or PC.

The World of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality games for adults are presented in such a manner that the gamer’s brain accepts it as a real environment, which is what makes playing these games so thrilling. Gamers will be able to experience new worlds, travel back in time, and fly through space.

Just eight years ago, a teenager by the name of Palmer Luckey designed the very first virtual reality headset, which would eventually evolve into Oculus Rift. Since then, several competitors have popped up including Google Cardboard, Gear VR by Samsung, Playstation 4 VR by Sony, and HTC Vive. All of these companies are competing to produce the best virtual reality games for adults, offering better graphics, techy headsets, and more challenging adventures.

Those of you that are totally new to virtual reality probably don’t know where to start in terms of which games to choose or even the type of gaming console or the best virtual reality headset to buy. Our site is dedicated to helping you find the best virtual reality games for adults based on your interests, gaming needs, platform, and your budget.

How We Chose the Top-Rated VR Games

Obviously, when it came to choosing the best VR games on the market we paid close attention to gamer feedback, but we also used on own experiences playing each game to determine which VR games excelled and which ones fell flat. There are so many genres and even gaming platforms to choose from, that narrowing down our choices definitely wasn’t easy. But aside from looking at the graphics quality and compatibility with headsets, and VR extras, we paid more attention to how we felt when we were playing the games. We focused on which games made us feel as though we really were immersed in a particular environment, which games offered the most engaging experiences, and which games felt a little lost in navigation and design.

Of course, this can also be a matter of personal preference, but we feel that you’ll agree with us that the following five VR games are the best picks for 2018.

Comparison Chart

Star Trek: Bridge Crew Virtual Reality Game
Star Trek: Bridge Crew Virtual Reality Game
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Resident Evil 7 Xbox One Virtual Reality Game
Resident Evil 7 Xbox One Virtual Reality Game
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Xbox Onehorror/first-person shooter****1/2
Doom PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality Game
Doom PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality Game
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Universe Sandbox 2 Virtual Reality Game
Universe Sandbox 2 Virtual Reality Game
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Lone Echo Virtual Reality Game
Lone Echo Virtual Reality Game
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Quick Summary

Star Trek: Bridge Crew Virtual Reality Game:

This game totally sucks you into the Star Trek world, throwing you into different positions on the bridge, including helm officer and captain. Control different functions and operations, work as a team to make it through a battle and complete a mission. This is as close as true Trekkies will ever get to flying their own Starfleet ship.

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Resident Evil 7 Xbox One Virtual Reality Game:

Horror fans will run screaming straight into the arms of the best horror VR game to hit the market since the original Resident Evil game released in the late 1990s. Enjoy truly terrifying situations, challenging puzzles, and a true VR experience like no other.

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Doom PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality Game:

Ready to meet your Doom? Find yourself battling upgraded enemies from past Doom games, enjoy a huge arsenal of weapons, non-stop action, and a chance to teleport during epic battles in this latest Doom installation.

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Universe Sandbox 2 Virtual Reality Game:

Try your hand at creating new planets and solar systems, watch simulations of planet rotations, explore black holes, and find out what happens when stars collide in this beautifully designed VR game that gives you total control over the universe.

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Lone Echo Virtual Reality Game:

A VR game that focuses more on movement and finally gets it right, this innovative game allows gamers to expertly maneuver through a techy spaceship as an android determined to complete complex repair tasks in order to save their friend and captain.

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 1. Best VR Game for Adults-Star Trek: Bridge Crew Virtual Reality Game

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Our Rating: (5/5)

Trekkies will finally get the chance to run their own Starfleet ship as they work together with other crew members to complete missions, make repairs, and plot the ship’s course. We chose this game not only for the sick graphics but for the exciting campaigns that allow players to try out four different positions on a Starfleet crew which provides a totally new experience each time gamers try a new character. The graphics will blow you away, as will the attention to detail. Fans will easily fall into the role of their character working closely with other Starfleet members to get the job done.

2. Best for PS4-Doom VFR Virtual Reality Game

DOOM VFR - PlayStation 4

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Doom fans have finally gotten what they’ve always wanted; a virtual reality game that sucks them into the fiery pits of the Doom universe. If you loved the Doom reboot in 2016, Doom VFR will leave you speechless. Fight your way through epic battles, take on challenges from new and improved bosses, load up on your favorite weapons and do your best to make it out alive.

3. Best for Xbox One-Resident Evil 7 Virtual Reality Game

Resident Evil 7 Xbox One Virtual Reality Game

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

A whole new way to enjoy the Resident Evil world, this game will keep you up at night. Fans of past Resident Evil games will love completing the same type of challenging puzzles, as they claw, blast, and fight their way to the end of the game taking on bigger and badder monsters and enemies.


4. Best for Vive- Universe Sandbox 2 Virtual Reality Game

Universe Sandbox 2 Virtual Reality Game

Our Rating: (4/5)

A game that allows you to create your own universe, this educational game features impressive graphics, allows you to see firsthand the effects that climate change can have on the planet and gives you total control over the fate of the universe. A game like no other, enjoy exploring the universe as you create and destroy worlds, explore black holes, and try your hand as Mother Nature. This unique virtual reality game is both fascinating and educational.


5. Best for Oculus-Lone Echo Virtual Reality Game

Lone Echo- Oculus Rift

Our Rating: (4/5)

As an android stationed on a space station located on the rings of Saturn, you’ll work closely with your boss and friend Captain Olivia, with the goal of saving her life and getting her off the space station safely by making important repairs and monitoring levels of radiation. The game’s focus on friendship is heartwarming, while the innovative way gamers learn how to move around a space station just adds to the impressive level of immersion this game has to offer.

Adult Virtual Reality Games Buying Guide

As we’ve mentioned, the rise in popularity of VR gaming brings with it a new slew of top selling games in a variety of genres designed for both mobile devices or your other favorite platforms such as PlayStation 4.

If you’re new to VR gameplay were recommend dipping your toe in the VR world before you decide to go all in and invest in a top of the line gaming system. A great way to do this is by using mobile VR headsets such as Google Cardboard or other popular platforms in that particular price range. Seasoned gamers looking for the next ultimate gaming experience won’t be sorry about investing serious cash in an Oculus Rift or PlayStation 4 VR setup.

Each manufacturer has taken a different approach to game design, the equipment you need for each particular platform, space needs, accessories, power, and other specs, so there are a number of factors you should consider that can help you to decide which platform is right for you. If you’re interested in a particular game pay close attention to platform needs before you buy it.

Let’s start off with mobile and PC VR setups.

Mobile or PC Games

When it comes to your virtual reality gaming experience, the first major decision you’ll need to make is deciding what type of setup or platform you want to use. Mobile is cheaper, but not nearly as good as games that are powered by gaming consoles or your PC. Basically, virtual reality devices that are PC powered can offer the ultimate virtual reality experience. But their capabilities and power utilize the computer powering them, which means a PC designed for VR gaming needs to have quite a bit of space to work with and should have a lightning-fast processor. Another downside is the fact that you won’t enjoy the type of portability that you can with other types of VR devices. If you’re starting totally from scratch, then you’ll need to purchase a virtual reality device in addition to a gaming rig.

Mobile virtual reality devices are highly portable, so you can take them with you wherever you go. Just use a top of the line virtual reality headset, such as the PS4VR, and you’re good to go. But the downside of phone powered virtual reality devices is that they can’t quite compare to PC powered virtual reality. There are many high-quality models of mobile-powered headsets out there, but they aren’t anywhere near as beefy as the Oculus Rift. If you have an older smartphone, then you’ll need to upgrade to a phone that can handle running a virtual reality game.

Space Needs

Before you decide on the right VR device, consider the amount of space you’ll be using it in. If it’s not used in the right environment, a device can end up totally wasted. For the ultimate most immersive virtual reality experience, you need a setup that includes a powerful console or PC and several mounted sensors. But if you’re mainly using virtual reality at a desk, then you don’t need to bother with a full room setup. There are plenty of games that are perfect for desk-based play.

Budgeting for this Exciting New Gaming Experience

Virtual reality isn’t exactly what anyone would call affordable. In fact, it can end up being a rather expensive hobby, but if you’ve ever played a VR game then you already know that these systems, games, and headsets are worth every penny. How much you can afford will be one of the biggest determining factors when it comes to the VR device and games you get.

If you’re a seasoned PC gamer who wants to add virtual reality to your setup, then you’ll already be familiar with the higher cost of gear, but if you normally play on PlayStation 4 and you want to get into virtual reality, you can try out PlayStation 4 virtual reality. However, if you’re simply a casual gamer and you want to try your hand at this totally new gaming experience you can do so affordably using a high-end smartphone.

Fortunately, virtual reality is now more affordable than it has ever been. Gear virtual reality and Daydream are among the most affordable devices, while PlayStation 4 virtual reality has a cost that’s similar to a PC powered virtual reality setup.

A New Gaming Experience

Virtual reality can take your gaming experience to the next level, by offering a variety of exciting three-dimensional environments that you can interact with.

Most types of virtual reality systems require a PC to power them. These systems also need a top of the line headset to deliver the imagery that’s crucial to creating a truly immersive virtual reality environment.

Virtual Reality Headsets: These devices are what will really make the game.  Also referred to as head mounted displays, a VR headset creates a 3D life-sized virtual environment without the same type of boundaries you’ll experience from your PC monitor or TV. With the rise in popularity of VR, many major gaming manufacturers have now created their own cream of the crop models designed to rival the competition by offering extra features and top of the line clarity that will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a new planet. Just make sure the headset you buy is compatible with the rest of your VR setup.

Currently there are a number of headsets on the market to choose from, ranging from affordable to insanely expensive. At the higher end of the price range you’ll find Oculus Rift, which many VR players claim is the gold standard. This headset has a high field of view and can deliver one of the best immersive virtual experiences around.

The HTC Vive System is powered by Steam Virtual Reality and is one of the leading controller and headset combos on the market.

Samsung Gear VR is more affordable, especially when compared to Oculus Rift and it requires a smartphone to power it. Obviously, this system works the best when paired with a Samsung brand smartphone.

Google Cardboard is another popular virtual reality headset option that’s used with a smartphone, and it’s much more affordable than HTC Vive or Occulus. We’ve also found that’s it’s much easier to use, but it doesn’t quite offer the same type of immersive VR experience that you can expect from a PC powered system.

Aside from headsets, there are several other devices that are designed to improve VR immersion in a virtual reality environment.

Virtual Reality Gloves: Bio-sensing is a term that refers to how a person’s presence is detected in a game. This is accomplished with tiny sensors that are attached to a glove. These sensors record a player’s movements in 3D space, which are, in turn, interpreted by a computer that will trigger different types of responses within that space. As an example, you might wear a glove when you’re playing a bowling or tennis game. The sensors on the glove will record your hand movements as part of the game. These movements will then be fed into the computer which will analyze the data and use that information to turn your actions into the correct response on the screen. These gloves can be found for a wide range of platforms and can intensify any gaming experience. But they’re not a requirement for all VR games and they often come with a steep price tag.

Controllers: These days, most tethered headsets will come with their own controller, but if you have an older version, then you’ll have to purchase a controller separately. Additionally, many new game titles require certain controllers, especially first-person shooter games.

Leading Virtual Reality Game Genres

Are you an Oculus fan or a PlayStation 4 VR fan? If you’re a beginner it can be almost impossible to decide on the type of platform that’s right for you. But whether you’re interested in adventure, first-person shooter games, or something more RPG related, we’ve found the top selling best games per platform that any true VR fan will love.

Futuristic Play: As you might have expected, a Tron-esque presence tends to slip into many types of virtual reality games for adults. These techy, futuristic feeling games are pretty popular for all the right reasons. Sparc is a great Steam powered game with a Tron-like setup that involves two-player gaming action, aliens, and plenty of throwing, grabbing and dodging. Bottom line, these games tend to offer more of an immersive experience than other adult VR game genres, which is what usually makes them top sellers.

First-Person Shooter: It will come as no surprise that first-person shooter games are still all the rage in the gaming world, on pretty much every platform. Even playing on older gaming consoles the immersive feeling these types of games provide can be very gripping to the avid gamer. But throw this same type of setup into the VR world and you’ll find that a first-person shooter game can be even more addicting than you ever imagined. However, for newbies, these games can be a little challenging and have a reputation for making players a little dizzy if not downright nauseated their first few times.

Virtual Gambling: This is a genre that’s making some headway in the VR world, mainly due to its rise in the online gaming community in general. Offering more interactive features and better graphics, VR gambling games are said to be the next best thing in the online gambling world, however, they can’t quite compete with the popularity of RPG and first-person VR games.

RPG: Role-playing games have been popular since Nintendo first came out with the Legend of Zelda decades ago and each year, game manufacturers produce a wide range of these games for the fantasy lover who wants a more immersive experience. You’ll find a wide variety of role-playing games available on every platform. Of course, the graphics are amazing, you’ll love the full immersive experience only RPG games tend to offer, and you’ll find that you just can’t go back to your old Xbox RPG playing experience.

Sci-Fi: These VR games are just what science fiction nerds have been waiting for their entire lives. These games will take you to outer space where you’ll fight aliens, save the world, and fly your own ship. Considered one of the biggest genres in the gaming industry, their insane, realistic graphics in the virtual reality world are a huge draw even for gamers who normally don’t enjoy this genre.

Adventure: Out of all of these adult VR game genres, adventure-based games still rank at the top of the list. Climb mountains, swing from vines, and shoot your enemies, the virtual reality adventure game will transport you into an atmospheric environment where you’re the hero in a fast-paced action-packed adventure that will be downright impossible to tear yourself away from.

Recommended Reading on the Advancements of Virtual Reality in the Healthcare World

Virtual reality gaming is the future. Once you put on that headset, you’ll find that it’s hard to switch back to non-VR gameplay.

But virtual reality isn’t just about gaming. In fact, it has found a place in the healthcare field as well. If you’d like to learn more about the different ways VR is used to help patients to recover from surgery, stroke, or accidents, you can read our article on VR and physical therapy.

Virtual reality is also used to help people who are suffering from debilitating phobias by using a type of therapy that’s similar to immersion therapy, but much safer. You can learn more about this exciting therapy in our article on VR phobia treatment.

While just five years ago virtual reality for home use seemed like a pipedream that would quickly fizzle out, manufacturers have now made it more affordable for gamers on a tight budget to enjoy a whole new way of gaming. With the use of virtual reality in physical therapy and mental health treatments it appears that virtual reality will continue to evolve into a type of technology that’s not only affordable but an effective alternative to traditional therapies and treatments that more medical facilities will begin to incorporate as the price of this technology becomes more affordable.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our site has helped you to find the best virtual reality game for adults, based on genre, graphics quality, gameplay quality, and overall VR experience. As more major video game manufacturers jump on the bandwagon and produce their own line of VR games, perfecting motion and movement to minimize VR sickness and gamer immersion, now is the time to explore the world of virtual reality for yourself and judge whether or not this is the true gaming technology of the future.


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